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Rev Craig Baptisms in Augusta Co Va 1740s

Rev. John Craig was a Presbyterian minister in the Shenandoah Valley during the 1740's. He recorded in his own diary all baptisms and marriages he performed in the valley from 1740-1749. Those records were transcribed years ago into a book, and a few years ago I took pictures of the pages from this book. They are posted here.

On page 1, you will see a baptism of Abigail Patterson, daughter of Robert Patterson. This occurred in 1740. This Robert Patterson was my gggggg-grandfather. He is different from the other Robert Patterson mentioned later in these records. How do we know the difference? "My" Robert lived next to Jeremiah Harrison, and they both lived near the "Halfway House". There are very few references to the Halfway House in these records. Three I think. All of them are related to Jeremiah Harrison (two) and Robert Patterson (one).

The book is titled List of Baptisms by Rev. John Craig, Augusta County, Virginia, 1740 - 1749. Click on one of the images, then you should be able to navigate from one to the next in your browser.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Robert Patterson: Known By His R Marks

Robert Patterson died in 1775 in York County, SC. His last will and testament still exists today at the SC Archives. It was penned in 1775 not long after one of his adult sons, James Patterson, passed away. We know that Robert died during the calendar year of 1775, but his birth year is a bit more elusive. He first bought land in Sussex Co., DE in 1732. Since he was described in the 1732 deed as a "yeoman", we know that he was at least 21 years of age, so at the latest, his birth year was 1711. However, it is possible he was born as early as 1705.

Given the sheer number of men named Robert Patterson in colonial America, it has always been difficult to distinguish this Robert from the others. Location is usually the key to separating the Roberts. For example, when Robert lived in VA, his land was described as on or near Linville Creek. The other Robert Pattersons lived further south, so that is one key to keeping them apart in research endeavors. But not all records are land related. Others are court records of one kind or another, and so no landmarks are given in the records.

The signature can be a help in some cases. But that's not conclusive always, since many of the records we see are transcripts in the court books or deed books. Where originals are still available, always make reference to them. Furthermore, many times the person in question did not read or write. In which case, someone else would write their name leaving a space between the names, and then they would add the word "his" or "her" above the name, and then "mark" below the name. At which time, the person in question would make a mark on the document in lieu of their signature.

The Robert Patterson who died near Clarks Fork of Bullocks Creek in York Co., SC in 1775 always made his mark with an "R". To date, we have discovered four such documents that contain his name and the "R" mark. Those documents were created in 1738, 1754, 1770, and 1775. Keep in mind that the York Co., SC land on which the Pattersons lived, was claimed by various counties and even states between the 1750's and 1770's. At first it was Craven Co., SC, then Anson Co., NC, then Mecklenberg (NC), Tryon (NC), and finally York (SC), which it still is today.

Of the four records we've found to date with the "R" mark, the first three are only transcribed versions in the official records (transcribed by the clerks of court). The fourth, however, from the Last Will in 1775, is the original document and therefore his actual mark. The following records are the transcriptions or extracts of each document, their location details, and images of the documents themselves.

Note regarding the 1754 document. That document makes reference to Robert Patterson and two other men who were the appraisers of a deceased man's estate. The second man in that list was named Joseph Bryan. Later in the 1750's, the Bryans, Linvilles, and Boones - who were all intermarried - moved together to the Yadkin River Valley of NC. That is where I personally live today. This same Joseph Bryan was the father-in-law of the famous Daniel Boone.

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Family Pics: Davis and Langley

I recently borrowed five pictures my mom has framed and hanging on her walls. I took them home and scanned them in high resolution and uploaded to my online Photo Gallery. Here are those pictures and details about them. My mother is Vanza Davis Patterson.

Vanza's parents: Lettie Langley and Troy Davis

Troy Lee Davis 1909 - 1988
Lettie Mae Langley (Davis) 1915 - 1990

Lettie's parents: Vanza McGhee and George Thomas Langley

Evanzalene "Vanza" McGhee (Langley) (Davis)
1894 - 1969
George Thomas Langley
1886 - 1921

Troy's parents: Ruth Barber and Wesley Davis

Ruth Frances Barber
circa 1868 - 1940
Wesley Davis
1844 - circa 1911/12


Love's United Methodist Church Cemetery

This post is to document the location of Holton, Carmichael, Jones, Grubbs, Dilworth, Plummer, and Clemmons graves at Love's United Methodist Church Cemetery. The cemetery is located in Walkertown, NC (Forsyth Co.). Family members buried at this cemetery were ancestors of Virginia Holton (Fishburne). Virginia was the mother of Ginna Fishburne Patterson, as well as Chip Fishburne, and Dana Fishburne Kwiatkowski. Virginia was married to Charles Carroll Fishburne, Sr.

Here is the Location of Cemetery on Google Maps.

Here is a Map of Grave Locations in the Cemetery.

Here is my Photo Gallery of Pictures taken in this Cemetery.

Family Graves in Cemetery (Ancestors of Virginia Holton Fishburne)

John Quinton Holton, Jr.
1897 - 1931
#1 in map
Clara Carmichael (Holton)
1896 - 1983
#1 in map
Virgil Salathiel Carmichael
1870 - 1898
#2 in map
Rosa Jane Jones (Carmichael) (Jones)
1876 - 1963
#2 in map
Isaac Newton Carmichael
1847 - 1928

Martha Jane Clemmons (Carmichael)
1844 - 1920
#2 in map
Simon Jordan Jones
1846 - 1887
#3 in map
Lucy Dilworth (Jones)
1847 - 1905
#3 in map
Mary Plummer (Clemmons)
1828 - 1883?
to Mary's left is a daughter with a stone
to Mary's right, is her husband, without a stone
Salathiel Stone Clemmons (no stone)
1822/23 - 1922
#5 in map
Harvey Dilworth
1808 - 1891
#4 in map
Elizabeth Moore (Dilworth)
1813 - 1869
#4 in map
John Grubbs
1799 - 1845
#5 in map

Ancestors of Virginia Holton Fishburne

Ancestors of Isaac Newton Carmichael

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Forsyth Memorial Park - Fishburne / Holton

This post is to document the location of Holton and Fishburne graves at Forsyth Memorial Park. The cemetery is located in Winston-Salem, NC (Forsyth Co.). Virginia was the mother of Ginna Fishburne Patterson, as well as Chip Fishburne, and Dana Fishburne Kwiatkowski. Virginia was married to Charles Carroll Fishburne, Sr.

Here is the Location of Cemetery on Google Maps.

Here is a Map of Grave Locations in the Cemetery.

Here is my Photo Gallery of Pictures taken in this Cemetery.

Family Graves in Cemetery

Virginia Holton (Fishburne)
1922 - 2006
#1 in map

Posted by Wes Patterson

Ginna Fishburne Patterson's Ancestors

My wife, Ginna, and I have recently been digging into her family tree again, taking various lines of her genealogy further back as we discover more through research. One aspect of this recent push in research has been to find the cemeteries and graves of her ancestors, starting of course with her grandparents and going back. Over the coming days and weeks I will be adding information here to that effect. Initially, it will cover more of her mother's family, as they are closer to us in proximity, but will eventually get into her father's line as well, as we do have much on that side also.

Ginna's parents are Charles Carroll Fishburne, Sr. and Virginia Holton (Fishburne). Charles was born in 1919 and is still living, with his second wife, Jane Smith (Fishburne). Virginia was born in 1922 and passed away on March 20, 2006.

At the end of this post you will see a chart that shows Virginia and her ancestors going back four generations prior to her.... but we have much more than that. To see a full listing of  her genealogy that you can navigate through -- and, if you have access to ancestry.com trees -- feel free to view the genealogy there. Below the chart, there is a second chart that picks up with Isaac Newton Carmichael and that branch of the family and goes back from him. I am including that here as we have found several graves in various cemeteries for some of them as well.

Ancestors Whose Graves Have Been Found

Cemeteries and graves that we have so far found and documented are as follows:

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Letter at Frank's Funeral by Wes


I want to thank you for being the example for me that you were. You were a loving husband, a wonderful father, a proud grandfather, and a devoted servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Friday morning it was clear that you were soon to leave us for that long-anticipated journey called “eternity with God”. You challenged me that morning, and not only me, but also Chip, and then my son, Wes Jr. You knew you were dying, and you were ready to go. You called all the shots that day – your last day. You made all the decisions, and you departed this life with dignity, love, and devotion.

Friday was 40 days since you had last been at home. You had entered the hospital on Father’s Day, June 21st. That was also the Lord’s Day. It was also your brother Kenneth’s birthday. 40 days… you fought, you struggled, you led, you followed, you cried, you laughed… you lived and loved throughout those final 40 days. You made sure that Chip and I would take care of mom. You told us you were proud of us. You told us how much you thanked God for your daughters-in-law, Jully and Ginna. You told us how much you loved your grandchildren, Morgan, Wes Jr, and Kaity.

During those final weeks you constantly told us, and anyone who would listen, that you wanted to honor the Lord Jesus Christ no matter what happened. Dad, you did just that. You finished strong. Just as Caleb was described no less than six times in the Old Testament as one who “wholly followed the Lord”, you too wholly followed the Lord to your final breath. As Caleb claimed the promises of God at age 85, promises that the Lord had given him 45 years prior, you too claimed the promises of God to the end of your life. You desired to finish strong, and with the Lord’s strength, you did just that.

Mark chapter 4 recounts the story where the Lord Jesus went with the disciples in the boat to other side of the lake. That story reminds us during the sudden storms of life when all hope is gone, that is when God’s glory is on display. During those 40 days, day 19 was the day in which all hope was lost. There was nothing that man could do. You were not expected to live more than 3 or 4 days, perhaps a week or so beyond then. And yet somehow, you wound up going to a rehab center after 33 days at the hospital. The last two weeks we had with you was a miraculous gift from God. It was far greater than any best-case scenario we were given on July 10. And yet, we had 21 more days with you.

It was a gift from the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. From the God of Daniel. And the God of Shadrach, Meshack, and Abed-nego. The God of Moses, and Adam, and Paul. The God of Joshua and Caleb. The God of Frank Patterson. The God of Wes Patterson.

I told you Friday morning that you were just like Caleb. And I thanked you for being that kind of father to me, that kind of grandfather to my son, that kind of husband to my mother, that kind of servant to our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.

You never wanted to be in the light. You wanted to point others to the light, the one true light – the Lord Jesus Christ. He is that light, and you reflected that light of God on everyone around you. Thank you for honoring our Saviour in this way. Thank you for teaching me to look to the Lord and not to man. Man will fail us, and we will fail our fellow man. But Christ will never fail us nor forsake us.

You lived what you preached. You taught me that words never matter unless your life backs them up. You lived your faith. You claimed the promises of God throughout your life. You have taught so many brothers and sisters in the Lord to study the Scriptures and to follow Christ and to step up and do the same to others. You lived the Paul and Timothy principle – to teach others how to go and train others to teach. It was never about you, but always about the Lord Jesus Christ.

40 years ago you and mom made your first trip to a foreign country in service to the Lord. Seven weeks in Brazil, summer of 1975. The subsequent impact you have had on students of the Word reaches so far that we can’t even begin to fathom. Of course, it was never your ability. It was your availability. You were available to be used by the Lord. Brazil, Bangladesh (for 14 years) , Colombia, at least two trips to Myanmar (formerly Burma), at least two trips to Ukraine, three times to India, and the last trip was to northern Iraq in 2008 during a war, at age 67. And we cannot forget the North Carolina communities of Winston-Salem, King, and Lexington.

You have these verses bookmarked and underlined in your Bible. Job 19:25-27 says, “For I know that my Redeemer lives, And He shall stand at last on the earth; And after my skin is destroyed, this I know, That in my flesh I shall see God, Whom I shall see for myself, And my eyes shall behold, and not another. How my heart yearns within me!”

Dad, your yearning has been transformed to reality! And I could not be any happier for you than I am at this time. Yes, I miss you greatly. But I know that I will see you again one day. And as you taught me throughout my entire life, I know the first one I shall see in that coming day will be the Lord Jesus Christ.

Everything in Scripture points to Christ. Thank you, Dad, for living your life with the same objective. I am so thrilled for you, Dad. I’ll see you soon!!!

With all my love,

Your son Wes

(August 3, 2015 at Salem Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, NC, read by Nat Thompson)